Infectious Disease Compendium


So why, you ask, another guide to Infectious Diseases? Mostly, the ones that were available did not fit my needs and I do not think they meet the needs of the doctors using them. Too often the guides are used without understanding key principles and the textbooks are too detailed for day to day use on the wards. And the print is too damn small. I hope this fills the gap.

Who am I? A lowly Infectious Disease doctor working in the trenches (very nice trenches, I might add) in the Pacific Northwest. I spend 50 weeks a year or so taking care of patients at four local hospitals, one of which is a teaching program with a good Internal Medicine program. (Want to be a good internest? Get trained at Legacy in Portland, Oregon. Try They have nothing what-so-ever to do with the content of this text. Same goes for my training; I know my former boss would be appalled with some of the content of this manual so I will not mention his or her name as well). I am filled with conceit, hubris and arrogance, so that qualifies me to write this manual. If you want to know more about me, sent me an E-mail, ( and if I have the time and inclination, I may reply.

I take nothing from drug reps. I do not talk to them. I have not whored myself as have so many of my colleagues. I don't take pen lights, books, meals, lecture fees (not that they would ask) so my opinions in this are my own, completely unbiased by lies, damn lies and statistics. Go to for a nice review of the topic. Not that I don't have a price, and I would happily take money, and lots of it, if some company wants to put their logo at the top of each page as an advertisement. I do not have a problem working for money, its the freebies that compromise us as a profession. I would gladly compromise my honor and integrity, it is just that to date no one had offered a check with enough zeros. I would take endless delight if Unasyn, a drug I have never prescribed, would buy advertising in this manual. But that will never happen.

Now this will always be a work in progress; you can see some of the scaffolding of the features that I hope to add in the future. This is what I have accomplished in what little spare time I have had this century. Do not make a mockery of my pathetic and pointless existence, you can do that at my funeral. In the meantime, send me money.

If you want to contact me (I really want to hear about errors, limitations and dead links) my e-mail address is:

This was written since 1999 years on Mac OS X (some early versions on 9.0) on a iBook and then a Powerbook® and Adobe GoLive® in various incarnations, with a little help from BBEdit®. I have not tested it in Windows® nor microsoft Internet Explorer®;. And I probably never will. It looks good on Safari®, Mozilla® and Firefox®; it runs on Opera®. What more do you want?

There are, I am sorry to say, no shortage of trivial spelling errors. I constantly run the pages through a spell checker, but I am not an editor of the english language.

And finally, what is a Persiflagers? Click on the word and find out. I do love archaic terms.