Infectious Disease Compendium

Zalcitabine (Hivid®)


CrCl Formula

CrCl > 80: 750 mg q 8 h.

CrCl 80-50:q 8 h

CrCl 50-10: q 12 h

CrCl < 10: q 24 h

Hemodialysis: ?

Peritoneal dialysis:?

Important side effects

Abnormal liver function tests, anemia, granulocytopenia, lactic acidosis/severe hepatomegaly with steatosis, oral ulcers, oral ulcers, pancreatitis, pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy (common).

Important drug interactions

Aluminum carbonate, basic, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, calcium, cimetidine, didanosine, dihydroxyaluminum aminoacetate, dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate, lamivudine, magaldrate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium trisilicate, pentamidine, probenecid, ribavirin.

Rants and Screeds


Treatment of choice

Use for


Don't use for


Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor.