Infectious Disease Compendium



CrCl Formula

CrCl > 80: 1200 mg over 3 hours.  With a half life of 400 hours, one dose is all that is needed for cellulitis.

CrCl 80-50:

CrCl 50-10:

CrCl < 10:


Peritoneal dialysis:

Important side effects

Elevated LFT's. Less side effects than vancomycin.

Important drug interactions

Rants and Screeds

It costs. $917.56/400 mg vial x 3 vials = $2,752.69. Really. A fully loaded MacBook pro. There seems to be a new era of price gouging.


Treatment of choice

Use for

All gram postive including VRE and MRSA. Same spectrum as vancomycin, but much better MIC's. Only approved for cellulitis, for which it is no worse than vancomycin, the definition of damning with faint praise I suppose.

Don't use for




Curious Cases

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Making Do

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