Infectious Disease Compendium

Ivermectin (Stromectol®)


CrCl Formula

CrCl > 80: see specific organism for dosing.

CrCl 80-50:

CrCl 50-10:

CrCl < 10:


Peritoneal dialysis:

Important side effects

Important drug interactions

Rants and Screeds


Treatment of choice

Use for

Strongyloidiasis of the intestinal tract 200 mcg/kg, single po dose, scabies, W. bancrofti, B. malayi, Loa loa and Onchocerciasis 150 mcg/kg, single po dose; retreatment interval between 3 and 12 months.

Scabies both po (200 μg/kg/dose) and topical. Topical ivermectin is probably a better option, two applications a week apart (PubMed,Pubmed).

Head Lice: A single application of 0.5% ivermectin leads to 94.9% louse-free on day 2, 85.2% louse-free on day 8 (vs. 20.8%), and day 73.8 % free on day (PubMed); much better than placebo.

Don't use for