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A warty growth in the extremities or genitals (condyloma acuminatum).

Epidemiologic Risks

Touching other humans with warts. Handling frogs and toads are not a risk factor.


Human papillomavirus.

Empiric Therapy

- Warts on the hand and feet can be 'burned off' with liquid nitrogen (hold on the wart for 10 seconds, repeat 2 weeks later if needed) or various preparations containing salicylic acid (Compound W®).

Heat may work better than cold (PubMed).

- Condyloma acuminatum: Podofilox (podophyllotoxin) 0.5% podofilox solution or gel applied twice daily for three consecutive days every week for up to 4 weeks OR Imiquimod 5% cream three times a week (wash site with soap and water 6-10 hrs after applying.), on alternate days, for up to 8 weeks OR Trichloracetic acid 10% to 90% solution is used topically at weekly intervals in pregnancy. It isn’t fun OR Liquid nitrogen freeze every 1 or 2 weeks. I shall leave the treatment of cervical papilloma virus to ob/gyn.

Interferon injection into the wart is also effective (Meta analysis).

There is a vaccine.


In a meta analysis "Imiquimod and podophyllotoxin possess similar curative effects on condylomata acuminata but podophyllotoxin has more serious adverse effects (PubMed)."


Curious Cases

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