Infectious Disease Compendium



Primary Pinta is a red, scaly, slowly enlarging bump on the skin. Secondary Pinta occurs between 1 and 12 months as a flat, red, scaly, itchy lesions that progress through a range of color changes, from red to bluish-black that become depigmented.

Epidemiologic Risks

Found in northern South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Treponema carateum.

Empiric Therapy

Benzathine penicillin G one time.



ICD9 Codes (Soon to be supplanted by ICD10)

Pinta 103.9; cardiovascular lesions 103.2; chancre (primary) 103.0; erythematous plaques 103.1; hyperchromic lesions 103.1; hyperkeratosis 103.1; lesions 103.9; cardiovascular 103.2; hyperchromic 103.1; intermediate 103.1; ; late 103.2; mixed 103.3; primary 103.0; skin (achromic) (cicatricial) (dyschromic) 103.2; hyperchromic 103.1; mixed (achromic and hyperchromic) 103.3; papule (primary) 103.0; skin lesions (achromic) (cicatricial) (dyschromic) 103.2; hyperchromic 103.1; mixed (achromic and hyperchromic) 103.3; vitiligo 103.2.