Infectious Disease Compendium



Itchy pubic area. Earlier versions had it as public.


Pthius pubis, a louse that looks kinda like a crab. Lives on blood.

Epidemiologic Risks

Person to person. Crabs have been known to jump 50 feet. Kidding.

Empiric Therapy

1% permethrin or pyrethrin lice shampoo or lindane (1%).


Related to the Gorilla louse they diverged 3.3 million years ago (PubMed)


If you have never enjoyed a Dungeness from the Pacific NW, you are missing a treat.

It may be going extinct due to habitat loss "the increased incidence of hair removal may lead to atypical patterns of pubic lice infestations or its complete eradication as the natural habitat of this parasite is destroyed."(PubMed) (Wired).

"Kittler et al. initially reckoned that body lice diverged from head lice approximately 70,000 years ago, but they later increased this estimate to 107,000 years ago by correcting an error concerning the original outlier sequence. They postulated that this date of about 100,000 years ago coincided with or followed soon after the origin of clothing, because the naked human body is an inhospitable place for lice to breed (Great Historical Review)."