Infectious Disease Compendium

Bacillary angiomatosis


Red bumps in HIV patients.

When found in the liver it is called bacillary peliosis and any organ can be involved.

Serology, PCR and biopsy make the diagnosis.

Epidemiologic Risks

HIV and cats. Bad combination. Actually, anything and cats is a bad combination. Except, perhaps, a speeding auto.


Due to Bartonella henselae (cats) or B. quintana (lice) growing in blood vessels.

Other things that cause red bumps in HIV include Kaposi's sarcoma, MAI, cryptococcus.

Empiric Therapy

Empiric therapy, is, one must admit, moronic. Given the differential mentioned above, it makes more sense to, oh, I don't know, MAKE A DIAGNOSIS. Then treat with azithromycin OR erythromycin OR doxycycline (perhaps the drug of choice) OR a quinolone.



Last Update: 05/09/18.