Infectious Disease Compendium

Yellow Fever


Flavivirus, one of more than 60, along with Dengue and Chikungunya.

Epidemiologic Risks

Mosquito bite in sub-Saharan Africa (West > East) and South America (the Amazon basin).


Asymptomatic to non-specific fever to hemorrhagic fever (usually hemorrhagic fever, fulminant hepatic necrosis and renal failure) with a predominant icterus.



There is a vaccine, an attenuated virus that produces long-term immunity in greater than 95% of recipients after a single 0.5-mL subcutaneous dose.

2 - 5 days after vaccine, first time vaccinees can get acute MOSF and >50% died. 37 cases worldwide, mostly in older people, maybe 1:20,000 vaccine doses in elderly, about 1:400,000 vaccine in youngerly. So your chance of dying is far greater from the disease than the vaccine.


The vaccine may exacerbate MS.

Last Update: 05/03/18.