Infectious Disease Compendium



A yeast, includes T. asahii, T. beigelii, T. inkin, T. mucoides, T. ovoides and many others.

Epidemiologic Risks

Some are human flora, most are in the soil.


T. asteroides and T cutaneum: superficial infections.

T. beigelii and others disseminated disease in severely immunocompetent patients (PubMed). This review has that I think is the oddest typo and suggests that the editor was either drunk or lazy as they have substituted the word 'homeopathy' for, I think, neutropenia or leukemia. Makes for a weird read: "Dissemination is a common feature, particularly in patients with homeopathy and newborns (100% of the cases)."

White piedra (or tinea blanca): white, flaky hair infection.


For the rare dissiminated disease, voriconazole (Review). Plus debridement and catheter removal as needed.


Intrinsic resistance to the echinocandins and may be a cause of breakthrough fungemias on this agent.

Can cause a positive serum Cryptococcus antigen assay and β-D-glucan, but not always.

Last Update: 04/26/18.