Infectious Disease Compendium

Pythium insidiosum


An oomycete of the kingdom Chromistaforms. Huh? Has 2 forms: perpendicular branching hyphae and biflagellate zoospore. That doesn't sound good to me. The zoospore swims to attach and invade host tissue. Probably related to diatoms and algae than to true fungi. (PubMed).

Epidemiologic Risks

Found in Thailand/SE Asia in swamps, rice and other agricultural fields. It occurs in patients with hematologic illnesses, esp thalasemias of all kinds after inoculation.


Vascular pythiosis mostly presented with arterial insufficiency syndrome of the lower extremities, cutaneous disease, ocular disease (normal hosts) and disseminated disease.


None of note except debridement. Perhaps caspofungin and other drugs of that ilk.