Infectious Disease Compendium



Gram negative coccobacillus, includes P. canis, P. dagmatis (sounds like something an ornery Walter Brennan would say), P. multocida ssp. multocida, P. multocida ssp. septica, P. stomatis.

Epidemiologic Risks

Found in dogs (20%) and cats (50%) mouths as well as pigs, rats and buffaloes. Really. Check out zoonosis for the skinny.


Infection usually starts within 24 hours of bite, it most commonly causes a bite infection. However, given the fact that people let their pets lick them anywhere, you can find the organisms anywhere. I had a case of meningitis in a patient whose cat liked to lick her face. Ick.

CAPD peritonitis (PubMed). I had a case in a pateint whose cat liked to sleep in her bag warmer.


Penicillin G OR ampicillin OR amoxicillin OR third generation cephalosporins OR tetracycline OR quinolone.

Avoid: first and second generation cephalosporins, macrolides.


Have low threshold of involving a hand surgeon. Unless, of course, the infection in not on the handP