Infectious Disease Compendium

Monkey Pox


A pox virus. (Review 2013)

Epidemiologic Risks

Travel to or exposure to rodents and monekys from West Africa.

Animal smuggling is hugely profitable (10 billion a year profitable) (Wikipedia) and people like odd pets. I think it is people with no personality who get a weird pet as a substitue. But with odd pets come odd infections and there was an outbreak of 71 cases of monkeypox traced to Gambian rats imported by a Texas exotic animal distributor. Exotic animals are different, I hope, from exotic dancers.


Fever, headache followed by the pox and adenopathy (PubMed).


Self limited.


Person to person spread rare, but can be mistaken for smallpox.

As herd immunity to smallpox wanes since we no longer vaccinate, cases of monkey pox are increasing.

There are a variety of poxviruses besides monkeypox that can infect humans. As an example there was a novel pox virus in an Alaskan (PubMed). Well since only one person was infected maybe it should he a short story pox virus.