Infectious Disease Compendium

Gnathostoma spinigerum


A nematode. Make the diagnosis on biopsy; there is no serology.

Epidemiologic Risks

Eating raw freshwater fish, frogs, reptiles and birds especially in Japan, Thailand and SE Asia. It is also common in Mexico, beware ceviche, it's people. No, sorry that would be soylent green (PubMed). Ceviche isn't really cooked. And Asian Swamp Eels (PubMed). Mmmmm.


Cutaneous larva migrans and/or eosinophilic meningitis. It can show up in the occasional odd place.


Albendazole and ivermectin work in animals (PubMed). Humans are animals therefore....I'll let you make the leap, I am not going to suggest it.

Albendazole 400 mg daily for 21 days or 400 mg bid for 21 days


ivermectin 200 mcg/kg once daily for 1 day or 200 mcg/kg once daily for 2 days all appear effective.


Last update: 05/05/18