Infectious Disease Compendium



A mold (or mould) Fusarium solani (Review).

Epidemiologic Risks

Found in decaying soils.


Local and, more commonly, disseminated disease in neutropenic patients. Worry it is the cause of any red/necrotic bump (it gets there hematogenously) in prolonged neutropenic fever with myalgias. Occasionally will involve severe burns.

In Brazil it is a cutaneous disease (PubMed). Someone want to send me during Carnival to check it out?


Maybe posaconazole at maximum doses or voriconazole (MIC 8) are maybe as good as amphotericin B (PubMed, PubMed); it can be resistant to amphotericin B (MIC >16).

And if you can remove any of the infection surgically, do it. Debridement always the best therapy.