Infectious Disease Compendium



Gram negative rods, includes E. aerogenes, E. agglomerans, E. cloacae, E. gergoviae, E. sakazakii (now Cronobacter sakazakii).

Epidemiologic Risks

Hospitalization. Widespread in the environment.


Nosocomial infections of all kinds.

Obesity on germ free mice (PubMed). Dcon still more reliable way to rid the house of mice.


Ceftazadime, cefepime (PubMed), carbapenems (best), aminoglycosides, quinolone (best).


Can have an inducible beta lactamase that confers resistance to 2nd and third generation cephalosporins as well a piperacillin. This resistance can takes days to show up, while the rapid susceptibility testing can be done in hours. The bottom line is that it can look sensitive to cefotaxime or piperacillin and not be.

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