Infectious Disease Compendium

Dientamoeba fragilis


A protozoan. Found in humans, pigs, and gorillas.

Epidemiologic Risks

Fecal-oral from contaminated water. Poo and drinking water just don't mix. There. I said it. Pigs are probably the source. It often occurs in family outbreaks.

May take several stood O&P to find.


Diarrhea, GI complaints, eosinophilia.

May be associated with pinworms, so check.

As is often with gi parasites, there is debate as to whether the organism is a harmless commensal or is pathogenic.


Iodoquinol 650 mg po three times daily for 20 days.


Paromomycin 25–35 mg per kg per day po, in three divided doses, for 7 days.


Metronidazole 500–750 mg po three times daily for 10 days.


Last update: 05/05/18