Infectious Disease Compendium



Gram negative rod. Brevundimonas vesicularis, Brevundimonas diminuta and others.

Epidemiologic Risks

Water. Also found in deep subsea floor sediment, activated sludge (the worst kind), deep subsea floor sediment, and the condensation water of a Russian space laboratory (PubMed).


A hodgepodge infections, often in poor hosts. My one case was a bacteremic cellulitis from Brevundimonas diminuta.


Treat like a Pseudomonas. Often quinolone and other antibiotic resistant.


It could survive on Mars: "Results from this experimental irradiation, combined with previous radiation modeling, indicate that Brevundimonas sp. MV.7 emplaced only 30 cm deep in martian dust could survive the cosmic radiation for up to 100,000 years before suffering 10⁶ population reduction (PubMed)." I guess when a Russian space lab crashes on Mars, Brevundimonas will replace Matt Damon.

Last update: 3/30/18.