Infectious Disease Compendium

Basidiobolus ranarum


Mould. (Review)

Epidemiologic Risks

Work wide, including the US SW. Most cases come from Africa.

"B. ranarum can be found in soil; decaying vegetable matter; gastrointestinal tracts of amphibians (eg, frogs and toads), reptiles (eg, garden lizards and geckos), and fish; leaves from deciduous trees; bats; and feces of kangaroos and wallabies"


Abdomnial pain and a mass suggestioning cancer. Most are previously healthy or have diabetes (PubMed).  May have eosinophilia.

Subcutaneous zygomycosis.


Removal and itraconazole.  A case report of cure with no surgery and voriconazole for a year  (PubMed).  I assume it was associated with backruptcy as well.