Infectious Disease Compendium



A mould, in family Mucoraceae, an agent of mucormycosis. Includes A. corymbifera (most common clinical isolate) as well as Absidia coerulea, Absidia cylindrospora, Absidia glauca, Absidi. ramosa, and Absidia spinosa.

Epidemiologic Risks

The mold is ubiquitous, espcially in rotting organic material.

And Romanian spices (PubMed).


Invasive disease in the neutropenic, especially leukemic. Lung, CNS, rhinocerebral and cutaneous disease lead the list.


Amphotericin B, at high dose (1.5 mg/kg/d is a good start) but it is as effective as I would be in the ring with Mike Tyson. It is resistant to caspofungin, and all the azoles in vivo (PubMed) (PubMed).


Barely susceptible to anything, it is best treated with resection if possible and reconstitution of the host immune system.

Last update: 05/05/18